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Volumetric Shuttle Tatting (Frivolite),
with glass and beads

Rina Stepnaya

About Ankars

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Date update: January, 13, 2004


!!! ATTENTION: I'm very surprise to see the banners of this companyes in my gallery. I never work with their production. I never give my agree to placed this banners. And nobody to ask me about it.

I think that it is dangerously to work wiht this companyes, because they use such unscrupulous, dishonest method of work! Be carefully!

Until the banners of: , , ,

will be in my gallery I close another part of exhibition.

But all of pictures you can see in the RUSSIAN VERSION of the ANKARS Gallery in

Regards, Rina Stepnaya

Today, January, 13, 2004,

I have received the following letter from the representative .

Dear Rina:

I have read this information when did a search under and this came up. This is to the link of the problem:

This is the content of the problem:

"!!! ATTENTION: I'm very surprise..."

First I would like to know what the problem with our site is.

Second of all if there is a banner on your site we didnít put it there we donít have access to it and we arenít dishonest. The only think I can think of it that someone you know had done that. If you donít like our banner then remove it because we canít remove it because we didnít put it there. The only way a banner can be gotten from us is from being an affiliate through our website and once they sign up they are the only ones that can put the banner on their website.

You have wrote on this unscrupulous, dishonest method of work well being that we didnít put the banner on your website or anything of that nature then I would recommend that you had change this information that you wrote and remove our name from this problem, we will check back often to see that this has been done. We do our best to take care of our customers and if there is any problem we would like to know about it so it can be rectified and if you have a question on this matter then please feel free to call us.. "

We donít condone any one to use our banners in a way other then what is specified also our banners that we give out to our customers who have sign up for it are the only way they can get the banner. Once they have the banner they must install on their website and if a customer of theirs clicks on the banner they (the website owner) gets a portion of the sale if their customer purchases anything on our site. We treat all customers with respect and give money out according to our banners we donít expect anyone to do this for free that is why we give out money on the banners as described above. Our banners are coded so we know whose banner it is. Please send a copy of the banner or show me the link where it is and we will get to the bottom of it.

If you have any questions please donít hesitate to email us or call us.

Thank you


From its part I think, that incident with this company is exhausted(settled).

It seems to me, that the further decision of the problem should occur between this company and administration of a site tripod.

I understand, that the administration of a site tripod has the right to place advertising banners of other companies on my page. But advertising of beads, strings, tools for performance of the works, similar mine, looks as if proceeds from my name. I value my name and can not allow, that it was used in a similar way. As I never really worked with production of these firms and I can not recommend it. Recognizing and respecting rights of administration of a site tripod, I think, that my comment to the given episode was necessary, and my reaction - is adequate.

I am sorry for my bad English

Yours faithfully,